Thursday, May 22, 2008

Double Days | Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Last Friday Night we decided to make another trip out to Double Days which is located at 3020 London Road to have a few drinks with some of the guys from Orestus. It has been quite a while since the last time we reviewed Double Days and so we decided to take some numbers and put another review out there. Right around 10:45pm we found the Sausage Factor to be only 1.29 with 49 guys and 38 girls in the place, though none of them happened to be on the dance floor yet. The Attractiveness Rating weighed in pretty high at an 8/10, and Cooper from "99.9 The Carp" was on hand as one of the DJs for the evening playing some music with a Hip Hop Vibe.

The layout for Double Days hadn't really changed since the last time we were there, but there had definitely been a nice face-lift performed on the place. The normal painted walls had been replaced with some nice wood trimming and most of the older TVs had been taken out in favor of some nice new flat screens. There were still around 9 video machines, 8 TVs playing sports and news, 5 dart boards, a couple scratch card machines, and 1 pool table all in the main bar. We again asked how the dartboards were at Double Days and received the thumbs up sign as we were told that the dartboards were hardly ever unused. We would have to agree with that assessment since almost every time we've been here they have been packed with dart players.

The dance floor is still located right in front of the DJ area and though it remained unused for about 30 minutes after our arrival, by midnight it was pretty packed. The dance crowd was mostly girls but a few guys trickled in here an there. In the past it has been pretty normal to see a lot of action on the dance floor at Double Days on Friday and Saturday nights. If you like to dance to Hip Hop and dance music you may want to check this place out on the weekend.

The side room, or "The Back Pool Room" as we've labeled it before, still has its own separate feel. Here you will find 4 pool tables and a few regular tables to sit at. The music in this room was a mix of rock and metal. The pool room is right next to the restrooms so we'll chat about those next. I'm not sure about the women's restroom, but the men's restroom has two TVs set above the urinals for the viewing pleasure of those gentlemen taking care of their business. But... I've never seen these TVs on, so I'm not sure what they are there for. The restrooms were stocked well this evening and there's still this one toilet that sits awkwardly in one corner without a seat or anything. We think it's meant to be another urinal or something.

The second set of readings came after a pitcher of Michelob Golden Draft Light and the new head count weighed in at 49 men to the 38 women with the ratio remaining the same at a Sausage Factor of 1.29, not bad at all. The Attractiveness Rating however would slip somewhat to midway between 6 and 7/10.

As the evening died down so did the action on the dance floor. At around 1am or so the dance floor emptied and people began to move on to other venues. We had a great time this evening and would have to give the experience a 4/5 Beers. The Sausage Factor remained the same most of the night at a 1.29 and the Attractiveness Rating averaged out to a respectable 7/10. We've always liked the bartenders at Double Days, they are very sociable and can mix pretty much anything you are looking for. The last time we were in I believe one of our party members delighted himself with a Mountain Dew, Red Bull, and Vodka concoction thrown all together in one big pitcher. Tasty to say the least!

Beer Rating: 4/5
Sausage Factor: 1.29
Attractiveness Rating: 7/10

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